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Long Island Grills are a certified dealer for General Power Systems, Inc.

All of these are automatic generators. They can be connected to the existing LP or NG fuel supply in your neighborhood. It kicks on with in seconds of determining power loss and automatically and runs for as long as necessary until your power returns.

Don’t be caught without power again! Let Long Island Grills help you determine what unit is right for you. We care about you and your family, we understand your frustrations when you lose power.

Generator Series

  • The IX series inverter technology for clean and stable power for computers and electronic series.
  • The LP series which is a break through design in portable back up powered by propane.
  • The GP Series which are the most common gas run portable generators. They can power the fun stuff or cover an emergency. They are an affordable, reliable, and features not found on portable unites make these a favorite for home, camping and events.
  • The XP series provides and adds protection from the environment in rugged working conditions.
  • The Quiet source series 22-48 kw automatic stand by generators. The premium in home and business back up, power protection. These units have premium features with extra quiet operation.
  • The 75w core power series is the most affordable home stand by generator on the market. Easy installation and maintenance! This comes as a pre-packaged unit with a 50 amp transfer switch.
  • The Guardian series 8-20 KW automatic stand by generators. These are the #1 selling home back-up generators. They protect your home and family during power outages.
  • The Guardian series 25-60 KW automatic stand by generators provide robust power protection for large homes and small businesses. These units are commercial engines.